Adrenal Depletion

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Adrenal Depletion,
also known as Fatigue and Burn out

signs of Adrenal depletion:

tired despite getting enough sleep? not getting enough sleep? not
handling stress? Blood sugar issues? Immune troubles? craving salt or sugar ? use stimulants to get you through?
Decreased libido Depression Hair loss Weight gain
Muscle tension/weakness

in Naturopathy we talk about the HPA axis – that is the Hypothalmus/Pituitary/Adrenal axis – 
all are part of your endocrine system that act in synergy. It is when these get out of whack that we start to see the signs of Adrenal Depletion

Care less!  – I love this, we all care way too much about insignificant things

Sleep!  if you are having trouble going to sleep that is often a Melatonin issue – but if your sleep trouble is that you wake between 1-3 and have trouble going back to sleep – then it is quite likely a problem with your HPA axis

Our brain needs sleep so as to process all the information we have consciously and unconsciously taken in during the day. A study just published shows that the brain is reset as we sleep, that it stores all the information it has taken in, and lays those memories into our storage banks, while at the same time restoring connections used during the day. Thus the next day we have those stores to call on, and are ready to learn new things, with new connections, and so on. 
the brain’s waste-flushing system (called the glymphatic system) may be close to 10 times more active when we sleep compared to when we’re awake. cleaning, clearing, tidying – house-keeping!

Food  – do a food diary – see what may be contributing
Gut/ brain
Get B/P checked and bloods – see what’s going on

Herbs include:
licorice or Rehmania

Different Ginsengs American good for blood sugar Korean as well, Siberian too
 but! not to be taken when there is any acute condition or hypertension
Withania/ Ashwaganda
Sarsaparilla/ Passionflower are both DHEA percursors
Holy Basil/Tulsi

a good quality fish oil
good quality B complex
vitamin D if there is depression and/or bone loss

essential oils

Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang

Bach Flowers

Elm, Olive, Oak, Pine , White Chestnut, Agrimony, Vervain, Impatiens
a combination of Agrimony, Elm, Clematis, Hornbeam and Mimulus is worth trying

colour therapy
Red – yellow as well

use a nutrient dense diet – avoid caffeine /sugar/ processed

care less and be nice to yourself
and reiki
are all helpful




podcast  of July 13 show here

Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions and can manifest from foods, airborne pollens, moulds & dust, pollutants, also many things your skin can come into contact with, such as latex, animals, insects. even sunlight!
some are or can become permanent – Bee stings, for example
others can appear & disappear sometimes seemingly randomly!
symptoms can include, depending on the mechanism of allergy
breathing difficulties – from a bit of wheezing, to a lot, to complete closing of the trachea – to anaphylaxis!
itching eyes & skin
swelling –

conventional treatments include antihistamines, steroids, bronchodilators, creams – often steroid based. and for anaphylaxis, a direct injection of epinephrine or adrenalin from an epipen


try nasal rinsing
deal with dust mites/pollen filters, washing
aromatherapy includes eucalyptus, chamomile & lemon compress
Garlic, Horseradish, are all well used remedies for hay fever, as are Eyebright, Elderflower, Golden Seal, Golden Rod, Nettle Leaf, and Ribwort, Fenugreek, Albizia and Baical Skullcap from Auryveda
local herbs: Hoheria would be good for the irritation, use KawaKawa and Manuka as anti-inflammatories
in your garden you may find Nettles, Ribwort, Elderflower, and sometimes Golden Rod – make a tea of equal quantities – except, of course – if you react to the pollens from Elder Flower or Golden Rod

supplements to use include
quercetin, rutin Vit C.


bee pollen in honey can desensitise your body to other pollens. Increasing honey in your daily dietary intake may reduce hay fever symptoms significantly. Make sure you use honey local to your area to see the best results.
this is taken daily before hay fever season starts.

try affirmations – but please, don’t beat up on your self!

Asthma was covered June 1, you can find it here Asthma Part 1

Dermatitis can be aided the same way as  Hayfever, and 

creams made with calendula flowers -use orange ones, also chickweed, cleavers – make a tea & use as a wash
Bach Flowers

Colour Therapy
blue, yellow, pink, violet

remedies and Homeobotanicals have their place too.

Check for food allergies – can be a minefield, so take this route cautiously

Gut & Stomach repair:
chamomile, slippery elm, hoheria, globe artichoke, marshmallow, licorice,

use probiotics, prebiotics – show about them here
why not try reflexology?